What Ruffles My Feathers & Tickles Me Pink!

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I have always held an interest in houses---I would sketch out different structural designs and desired surrounding property features, in my youthful day-dreaming episodes.  I already have my primary 'dream house' sketched out and ready to go, should I suddenly come into a small fortune.  A larger fortune would enable me to also build my secondary and vacation 'dream homes'.  I similarly have those designs ready to go!

I am also a lookie-loo, as once coined in an old TV commercial.  I enjoy evaluating the flow of space, and exploring the numerous decorating possibilities, and will frequently, for personal enjoyment, peruse real estate ads or stop upon passing a 'For Sale' sign, to peak in and gather new ideas. 

I have a beloved uncle who was a Real Estate Broker.  That is my goal--I want to be a fully independent operator. 

I am currently enrolled in a class, that will prepare me to successfully pass the exam to achieve my Real Estate license.  The next class I plan to take, is Real Estate Appraisal--every property needs to be appraised at regular intervals, as well as in preparation for sale. 

I am very excited to be able to pursue my interests, and excited by the prospects of the new opportunities that will be made available to me.