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Bernie's Revolution, Elizabeth Warren, and the Women's Movement

Elizabeth Warren is not my hero.  At one time, she was, but she sold out to the establishment, when she did not early-endorse Bernie, but waited until all was said and done, then stood with Hillary, (the Dem establishment), although her principles were more precisely aligned with Bernie Sanders'.  When she was called upon to speak out on who she would support, she refused, and remained silent.

Progressive women and men across America were waiting to hear her opinion.  She only proved that, ultimately, despite her impassioned speeches against Wall St., Big Banks, and Credit Scams, she will not take a stand when it really matters.  Her early endorsement of Bernie Sanders could have changed the outcome of the election.  Had Bernie won the nomination instead of Hillary, we would now be celebrating a President Sanders, and regaining control of our aberrant governing bodies.

Instead, she stood with Hillary--a self-proclaimed champion of women and children--the same Hillary who worked so hard to discredit and silence her husband's sexual harassment victims, and laughed about her defensive strategies on getting an acquittal for a 40-something year-old man, who so viciously raped a 12-year old girl, that she was in a coma for 5 days and would never be able to have children.  Hillary said the little girl wanted it.  Hillary is not a champion of anyone, other than herself.  And, Liz Warren offered her support to a Wall St. loving, child-rapist defending, victim-silencing Hillary.

On the upside, Bernie's Revolution is already affecting change.  Look up Justice Democrats, and Clean Up Congress--2 new organizations risen from the ashes of Bernie's DNC-sabotaged primary campaign.  If nothing else, the elitist victory has spurred people into real dissent and action.  History will forever look back and condemn Elizabeth Warren's silence and the DNC's conspiracy against the people's choice--Bernie Sanders--when they lament the disastrous policies of the narcissistic, oppressive, homophobic, racist and sexist, small-minded Trump administration.