What Ruffles My Feathers & Tickles Me Pink!

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This is my closet of thoughts.  A place where I can pull something out of my closet and bring it into the light.  A place where I can share my thoughts and experiences.  A chronicle of my personal history and future aspirations.  My not-so-secret diary.

Discussion facilitates change.  If we do not change, we stagnate and close our minds to new knowledge.  Knowledge is never fully attained--we must constantly seek and incorporate new knowledge into our value system, in order to progress to a higher level of understanding.  Too many believe that finishing a High School education is all that is required, but it is merely a springboard to prepare one for a lifetime of learning and the effective assimilation of new knowledge. 

Knowledge increases not only our basic understanding of abstract concepts, but also our personal happiness and enhanced quality of life.  We fear (unreasonably) that which we do not understand.  Fear keeps us distant and closed to the new ideas that we need to foster the courage to leave that closet of fear, and come out into the light, where there is warmth and illumination..  Unreasonable fear can only be dispelled by knowledge and understanding.

Many fear change, having found comfort in a fixed routine, preferring to remain stagnant, and finding comfort in that familiar fear, which the brain unreasonably understands.  When your brain is deprived of new information, it begins to slowly die, and your life luster slowly begins to diminish, until you have become a stodgy, austere, gruff and miserable older adult, while others continue to advance, leaving you further behind, and more afraid of the ever-increasing knowledge and abstract concepts you do not understand, locking you into your self-imposed exile.